Consider the alternatives to a Wonder Wheelbarrow (Expander) for moving leaves and other light weight material:

  • Leaf Lugger offers an 8’x 8′ net that “can be used to haul or drag leaves for $55.00. This is actually more of a complement than an alternative. It is a alternative if you are strong and willing to do the hard work of dragging the leaves to the curb, woods, or compost bin. However, if you want a good way to carry a huge bag of leaves, this might be the ideal cover since a rope around the perimeter could loop around the Expander and hold it in place. An ejection rope would be an easy addition.
  • Leaf blower: This is OK if you don’t mind the noise, expense, and dealing with fuel, extension cords, or dead batteries.
  • Wheelbarrow Booster: This increases a wheelbarrow capacity by a factor of 3.
    Check out this review of the Booster:
  • Tarp: This is OK if you don’t mind the backbreaking work of dragging or carrying a tarp full of leaves.
  • Garden cart: Not good for raking into it and it’s heavy on cost and storage space. Also vehicles with more than one wheel may not be stable on hills.
  • Little Wonder lawn vacuum: This is a good option for professionals and do-it-yorselfers with deep pockets. It’s noisy, costly, and it takes up a lot more storage space.

A number of wheelbarrow side wall extenders or bin expansion devices can be found in patent literature.

A number of sites review the tools on the market for hauling lawn and garden materials as follows:


If you are looking for a way to extend the volume cargo capacity of your wheelbarrow for bulky, lightweight material and have a better idea, please leave a comment using the CONTACT link above or complete the ORDER FORM from the menu.